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Picture of officer uncovering the print of hand stained with cash degradation stain

Advice for investigative officers

This section relates to till cash protection security systems used in financial institutions and retail outlets.

What to ask staff:

  • Was a security pack taken or handed to the raider?
  • Was the security pack in a bag or in a pocket?
  • What type of bag was used?
  • After what delay was the security pack designed to activate (usually 10 seconds)?

Escape on foot:

  • Establish all the alternative locations where the security pack would be 5 to 10 seconds after activation, when the smoke reaches its’ full emission rate.
  • This could be 15 to 20 seconds from the premises, taking into account the delayed activation.

What to look for:

  • The complete discarded bag, with contents.
  • The security pack and some scattered banknotes, polythene bags may melt.
  • Discarded stained clothing.

 Where to look (immediately following the raid):

  • Behind walls, hedges and fences.
  • Temporary hiding places.

Escape by car:

  • Placed on a seat, the security pack will progressively fill the vehicle with red smoke.


  • Security packs produce a cloud of red smoke for about 20 seconds drawing attention to it, the raider and vehicle used.
  • It is important to identify/appeal for witnesses who may have seen the red smoke as they may hold valuable eyewitness evidence.


  • Following an activation of a security pack, stains on money, clothing, vehicles, etc., may help identify the suspect.
  • In some cases the stain may contain a unique identifier.
  • Controlled samples of the dye are available on request.
  • There are a number of other identity checks that can be made and officers should contact Banknote Watch for this information.



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