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Dye stained note

What to do if you obtain or are offered a stained note

If you are offered or given a stained note:

  • By a retailer: refuse it if you can, and only accept clean notes.
  • As part of a cash machine withdrawal: take it to the counter, if the ATM is on Bank or Building Society premises. Staff are being trained to provide you with assistance in obtaining a refund of the face value of the banknote.

If you obtain a stanied note:

Do not worry!

Take it to a Bank, Building Society or Post Office. They stock the form BEMN, which you use to return the banknote to the Bank of England. You will then obtain a refund of the face value, provided the note is genuine.

Each Bank, Building Society and Post Office will be happy to assist you in this matter as part of their customer service procedures.

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