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Banknote Watch Trust

Company No. 4149042 (A Company limited by guarantee)

Registered Office: Banknote Watch Trust, Spinnaker House, Saltash Parkway, Saltash. PL12 6YH.

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Banknote Watch members

Please find below full list of Banknote Watch members. To enquire about becoming a new member, contact us

3SI Security Systems (Europe)


3SI Security Systems (Europe) designs cash protection systems to recover stolen cash and high-value assets, apprehend criminals and deter crime. Protecting more than 40,000 locations worldwide, 3SI Europe uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide innovative intelligent security solutions that protect people and cash at all points in the cash handling chain. Ultimately, by protecting cash and deterring crime, 3SI's products and services protect your employees and your customers... and provide you with peace of mind.



3SI Security Systems (North America)  


3SI Security Systems (North America) was established in the USA in 1970 and Canada in 1994. As a leading innovator of smoke, dye and ink staining technology to protect cash, 3SI protects more than 21,000 locations in North America. Our products hide where cash is stored; teller drawers, vaults, safes, ATMs and during cash transportation.





ATMIA is the world's only international trade association for the ATM industry. It was founded four years ago and now has four chapters: North America, Europe, Australasia and Africa.

ATMIA's membership includes manufacturers, deployers, service-providers and network processors.



Applied DNA Sciences     


Applied DNA Sciences provide patented SigNature-DNA markers and forensic authentication services used to protect Cash-in-Transit, ATMs, Banks, Jewellers and Retail outlets to deter attacks and convict criminals. SigNature-DNA also protects products and consumers against counterfeiters.  SigNature-DNA is a form of forensic evidence trusted by Police and recognised by international courts.



Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS)    

Association for Payment Clearing Services, The (APACS) is the UK trade association for payments. It provides the forum for UK financial institutions to come together on non-competitive issues, to develop banking systems for the future and to provide innovation and developments in payments. APACS is the banking industry voice on plastic cards, cheques, electronic payments and cash.


Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)   

Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) of England, Wales & Northern Ireland exists to promote leadership excellence by chief officers of the Police Service, to assist in setting the policing agenda by providing professional opinion on key issues identified to the Government, appropriate organisations and individuals and to be the corporate voice of the Service.




BOSS (British Oil Security Syndicate)                       

BOSS (British Oil Security Syndicate) is an independent organisation campaigning for improvements in security at Britain's petrol service stations. BOSS represents over 4,000 petrol station retailers employing more than 60,000 people. Its remit is to highlight the need to make forecourts safer places to work and shop.



Bell Security

Bell Security has significant experience in implementing smoke/dye robbery systems. Also Bell's unique Autoteller Dye System protects cassettes in stand alone state or over the complete refurbishment cycle.



British Bankers' Association (BBA)         

British Bankers' Association, The has over 250 members banks from 60 countries, holding 90% of the UK banking sector’s assets and representing 95% of all employment by banks in the UK. The BBA covers a wide range of issues on behalf of its’ members covering all aspects of the banking industry.



British Security Industry Association (BSIA)                     

British Security Industry Association (BSIA) - the professional trade association for the security industry, including companies providing smoke and dye protection systems, CCTV and intruder alarms. The BSIA requires its members to adhere to strict quality standards and is involved in the production of codes of practice for developing technologies.



British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Asset & Property Marking Section                        

Members of the British Security Industry Association’s Asset and Property Marking Section have the common goal of rendering stolen goods useless, through visible and/or traceable security marking. The Section focuses on raising the profile of this sector to maximise usage and encourage best practice amongst suppliers and users.



Davey Bickford

Davey Bickford has established itself as a global specialist in the research and manufacture of high-tech initiation systems. Utilizing its expertise and process technologies obtained in its traditional industries, Davey Bickford has extended its efforts to include the proposition of complete innovative solutions for intelligent cash protection systems.



DP Centre of Industrial Collaboration

We are a portal at the University of Leeds for industry access to the the universities resources and knowledge base. Our mission is to enhance the competitive nature of industry regionally, nationally and internationally through collaboration. We achieve this by bringing together world-class R&D resources, including technology transfer, consultancy and training services. 



European Security Transport Association                        

European Security Transport Association - the Cash Industry Logistics Association was founded in 1975 to represent and ensure the defence of its Members' interests with European institutions. ESTA's membership includes CIT/Cash logistics companies (full members), suppliers of services and equipment (adherent members) and non-European CIT companies (associate members).



G4S Cash Services           

G4S Cash Services is the UK’s leading provider of integrated cash handling services. We specialise in the secure transportation and storage of cash and valuables, cash processing and a range of support services for ATM networks. We also manage a number of the UKÂ’s banks processing of cash on behalf of their own banking customers.




Gehrer AG Switzerland                           

Gehrer AG Switzerland represented by Gehrer Sharp Ltd., have over 50 years experience between them in the cash container industry. Gehrer are Europe's largest manufacturer of smoke & dye cash carrying cases and cash-in-transit equipment.



Global ATM Security Alliance (GASA)                           

Global ATM Security Alliance (GASA) was formed to protect the industry from cross-border ATM crime and card fraud. It is made up of organisations interested in protecting ATMs with representation from seven countries. Its projects include: the creation of a global ATM crime database, fraud alert system, best practice manuals and an industry communications programme.



Greater Manchester Police

Greater Manchester Police serving a population of nearly 2.6 million in metropolitan Manchester, the primary goal of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is to provide local people with services of the best quality that represent value for money and meet their expectations.




HDH Security Systems

HDH Security Systems was setup to design and manufacture security products to offer the end users a variety of choices. Being the manufacturer and distributor we are proud to be able to offer tailor made solutions but keeping the high ISO standard of quality.

Any of our products can be altered to your exact requirements without incurring the high costs.



IBP International

Over 12,500 Smokenote systems installed in major financial institutions and retailers in the UK. With optional individual forensic coding, 'thin-technology' Smokenote Robbery Control Systems consistently achieve client raid reduction targets. IBP's Robbery Control Systems; Smokenote, Raid-cam and Raid-safe. IBP - market leaders in foiling and deterring raids on commercial premises.



Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology since its foundation in 1992, has become EuropeÂ’s largest producer of banknote validators with a business built on a commitment to design excellence and application of leading-edge technology. With an international network of sales and service outlets, Innovative Technology has earned a reputation as one of the leading worldwide suppliers.


Johnson Transafe                         

Johnson Transafe manufacture, install and maintain the T2000 series of security container, used for the protection of cash and other paper based valuables whilst in transit across the pavement.




Ladbrokes PLC

For over a decade we have been working in partnership with Crimestoppers, the police and local communities to help improve community safety and support the Association of Business Crime Partnerships, its work with partnerships and its endeavours to reduce and tackle business crime

We have actively participated in the SafeBet Alliance, an initiative by the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) and the Metropolitan Police. The Alliance published the Robbery Security Code for London bookmakers and this sets out a minimum industry standard for security equipment and procedures, which will aid crime prevention, reduction and detection.  

We fully support the aims of Banknote Watch to prevent criminals profiting from the proceeds of crime and reduce the risk of businesses becoming the victims of commercial robbery.




Leeds City Council

Leeds is the regional capital of Yorkshire and the Humber and makes a major contribution to all aspects of economic, social and cultural life of the region. Leeds City is the regions largest employment center, has the greatest concentration of business and professional services and is the regions largest retail center.




Loomis Cash Handling Services Europe                           

Loomis Cash Handling Services Europe is a world leader in security. Loomis provides security solutions comprising guarding services, alarm systems and cash handling services. The Group has more than 200,000 employees and operates in more than twenty countries.



Loomis UK Ltd

As part of Europe’s largest Cash Handling organisation, Loomis UK Limited delivers high quality, tailor-made cash transportation (Cash In Transit) and cash processing solutions to the UK financial and retail markets.



Metropolitan Police Service

The is a world-class leader in international policing and serves London’s wide range of diverse communities. Partnerships are a key element in preventing crime and form part of the Met’s overall crime reduction strategy.



National Association Of Jewellers

The National Association of Jewellers is the new trade body formed by the unification of the BJA and the N.A.G.  We lead, serve and represent the jewellery industry by promoting, protecting and providing for the industry. We offer targeted industry-leading professional development and training and inspire consumer confidence to purchase from our members through a Code of conduct setting the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and ethical business practices. Our Coat of Arms is a Mark of Quality that our members will proudly display to build an enduring bond of trust with their customers and the consumer.



National Pawnbrokers Association

The has been serving the Pawnbroking industry for over one hundred years. It has consistently represented the interests of its members and the public by implementing high standards of regulation and advice.



Oberthur Cash Protection

Oberthur Cash Protection is the world leader in using intelligent technologies to protect cash, and has been setting the benchmark in this industry for nearly 18 years. It is part of the Oberthur Technologies group, with global businesses in smart card and bank note printing. Oberthur Cash Protection is based in Dijon in France.



Post Office Cash Handling & Distribution                           

Post Office Cash Handling & Distribution one of the country's largest CiT companies, has over 20 years experience in providing high quality CiT services to thousands of satisfied customers across the UK.



Post Office Ltd                      

Post Office Ltd is the largest retail network in Europe with over 17,500 branches. As the biggest cash handler in the UK it constantly reviews its security systems. Post Office Ltd employs an extensive range of security equipment including smoke and dye systems to protect its customers, staff and assets.



RMS is a leading provider of integrated cash management solutions. With a highly trained and dedicated team we provide secure transportation and storage of cash and valuables, cash management solutions, cash processing, coin services, vault storage, ATM replenishments.



Raid-control Trust                           

Raid-control Trust is a national partnership initiative to reduce retail robbery. It involves the police, security industry, trade associations and retailers, and has achieved considerable success in reducing retail robbery.





SQScash carrying cases integrate a unique patented electronic shield and note degradation system that guarantees 100% destruction of contents in the event of unauthorised opening. Coupled with tracking technology, SQS cases remove the incentive for crime.



SaferCash is a security industry initiative operating under the BSIA aimed at reducing Cash & Valuables in Transit attacks, protecting Industry employees engaged in cash movement and supporting Law Enforcement activity.

To support Bank Note Watch SaferCash collates dyed stained note recoveries to link into previous attacks and to identify particular premises and methods used for disposal of these notes.

For further information contact Steve Hurst on 07809704760 or s.hurst@safercash.org.uk 


Safer Leeds

Safer Leeds was formed under the provisions of the Crime and Disorder Act creating a vision for people to be able to live without fear for their own safety. The partnership involves statutory and voluntary agencies and aims to secure sustainable reductions in crime and disorder and to address the fear of crime.




Security Plus

Security Plus is the largest privately owned volume cash carrier in Europe, offering a full range of services including Cash Processing, Vault Storage, Change & Banking Support Services and Transportation of High Security items, using the latest technology in smoke and dye containers, from five strategically placed cash centres across the Midlands and North of England.



Selectamark Security Systems Plc

SelectaDNA (www.selectadna.co.uk),   is a range of unique forensic marking and identification products that cover all applications and uses. SelectaDNA reduces crime and enables the Police to link criminals to crimes and secure convictions via a LPCB1224 database with 24/7 access; SelectaDNA is approved under the UK Police forces Secured by Design accreditation scheme.



Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, SICPA is a trusted provider of secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions and services to central banks, governments and high-security printers around the world.  High-technology security inks are at the core of the company’s expertise and for more than 60 years SICPA has been at the forefront of research and innovation in this area protecting the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents from counterfeiting and fraud.

In the domain of theft deterrence, SICPA has been formulating staining inks in line with intelligent banknote neutralisation initiatives, tackling violence through the use of technologies. Working hand in hand with cash in transit companies, laboratories, forensic police and cash protection organisations, SICPA actively contributes to enhance security of cash handling and distribution.

Operating on five continents, SICPA is a global company providing technologies and services in more than 200 countries.




SmartWater Technology Limited

SmartWater is arguably the most powerful crime deterrent in the UK, combining cutting-edge technology with intelligence-led strategies to suppress crime. On many occasions, SmartWater’s scientists having given evidence in Court, assisting the prosecution of criminals. All forensic analysis and expert testimony is provided free of charge to law enforcement agencies.



Spinnaker International Ltd


Spinnaker leads the market in the development and supply of electronic cash protection systems for the transport and storage of cash. Established in 1985, our market leading position is maintained through a dedicated team whose continual generation of innovative ideas are converted in to practical and user friendly solutions. We offer market-leading standards in after-sales service and care and this enhances and cements long-term partnerships with our customers.




TraceTag International

TraceTag International (formerly Cypher Science) uses DNA as a covert forensic taggant to provide a unique traceable code for ink staining and smoke & dye packs. The use of individual codes allows point identification of all tagged units and their cash contents in the event of theft.



West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police is the second largest police force in the UK, covering an area of 348 square miles and serving a population of almost 2.63 million. The region sits at the heart of the country covering three major centres of Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton, including the busy districts of Sandwell, Walsall, Solihull and Dudley.




West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire Police serve approximately 2.1 million people living in one of the five metropolitan districts. The Force area of 780 square miles is very varied combining busy cities and towns with quiet villages and picturesque rural locations. People are equally varied and represent a diverse range of ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds.


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