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The coveted “POP” award (“Problem Oriented Policing”) was given on May 18th to both the Lancashire Constabulary and Applied DNA Sciences.
The award focused on a vicious cash robbery near Blackburn in December 2008 against a Loomis security guard who was shot.  The robbers were convicted after a lengthy investigation, in which evidence from SigNature DNA played a key role.
Some weeks after the robbery and shooting, the gang leader Colin McCash tried to pass off marked notes at a service station and was quickly identified.
Bob Cummings, Head of Loss Prevention for Loomis UK, points out that part of the program’s impact has been to deter thieves from cash crimes in the first place: “The deterrence value of this type of technology is clear – if you commit a CViT robbery, you will be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Our Zero Tolerance program is clearly removing the criminal element from the streets and keeping our employees and the general public safe.”  
Cummings, commenting on the award, continues, “Loomis are very pleased that the criminals responsible for the shooting of one of our employees have been brought to justice.  Our decision to use unique taggants in all our cash boxes in the UK has resulted in the imprisonment of a total of 22 criminals.  As the word gets out amongst the criminal community they will understand that if they attack Loomis they will run a very high risk of being caught.  We are all relieved that our guard was not more seriously injured and has made a good recovery enabling him to return to work. "
Detective Superintendent Neil Hunter underlines the program’s national and international implications, saying, “This partnership and initiative have challenged the traditional way the police do their business.”

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