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What to do if you are offered or obtain a stained note

Depending on wh gives you the damaged notes, or how you get a hold of them, below is some advice as to what business should do with them. Generally, if you obtain a stained note:

  • Do not worry, you will not lose your money by handing in a stained note
  • Take it to a Bank, Building Society or Post Office, as per advice to customers
  • Your Bank or Building Society will be happy to assist you in this matter as part of their customer service procedures

If a member of the public offers you a stained note

How to behave with customers

If you are offered a stained note by your Bank or Building

Advice for retailers using Cash in Transit Services

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What to do if a member of the public offers you a stained note

Treat them as mutilated/damaged notes and do not accept them if possible

Advise customers to:

  • Take stained notes to the nearest Bank or Post Office and obtain the appropriate application form for the repayment of damaged notes. For Bank of England notes, this form is ‘BEMN’. Once completed, the form should be sent to the Bank of England, Dept. MN, King Street, Leeds, LS1 1HT
  • On receipt, and subject to confirmation that the note is genuine, the customer can reasonably expect the repayment to be processed promptly
  • For Scottish and Northern Ireland note, enquiries should be made at the appropriate issuing bank

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How to behave with customers if you come across a stained note

  • Remember, your customers may refuse to accept a stained note, avoid confrontation by removing them from the till as soon as possible
  • Remember that every situation will be different; your safety, and the safety of staff and customers must always come first
  • If you feel intimidated, take a full description of the person that gave you the note and pass this information on to your local police station

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What to do if your Bank or Building Society offers you a stained note

  • Alert the Bank staff immediately, and accept only clean notes.

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Advice for businesses using Cash in Transit Services

  • Do not pass on stained notes. Your CIT carrier my refuse to accept them. Seek the advice from your carrier, they will be pleased to assist you.

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